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Defensive Driving Classes

Are you a good driver that with no tickets, no accidents, but you aren't as confident as you'd like? Maybe your car insurance rates are driving you crazy. Do you run a business or a division of a large corporation that has employees that drive your vehicles? Are you aware that there are considerable insurance discounts for entire families or businesses for taking a Defensive Driving Course?

Our course can do all of that and more. You will become a better driver after taking our course. Courses in the past focused on basically scaring people. Who hasn't sat through a "blood and guts" Drivers-Ed video?. While watching a video of a car crash or someone being decapitated may remind you of the consequences of being bad driver it will not teach you how to be a better driver. That is what we do.

Safety First Driving School's number one mission is to help people become better drivers. No one leaves our classroom course without picking up a few ideas, thoughts, or things they just did not know after years of driving. This course is designed for the experienced driver, it is not for beginners. To qualify you must have a license or a drivers permit for a minimum of six months. To a new driver most of the information would simply be over their heads. Like taking Calculus before Algebra. If you could learn just one thing that could possibly save your life isn't it worth it to take a course?


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