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Insurance and Point Reduction Classes

Whether you have points on your license that you want removed, have an outstanding violation from out of state you need satisfied, or your employer requires a Safety course to keep your job, we have the course for you. Or if you just want to become a safer driver this is the course you need.

Our Course is now offered online and can be completed from the comfort of your own home. You can take the course one or two hours at a time or finish it all at once.

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The course is New Jersey State Approved and will take two points off your driving record and automatically lower your car insurance. The course may be take once every three years for insurance reduction and once every five years for point reduction. This course differs from the Habitual Offenders Course given by the state. The Offenders course is only available to drivers who are about to be suspended. It will take three points off your driving record.

You can then also take the Safety First Defensive Driving Course and take an additional two points off your record for a total of five points off. If you can manage to not receive any moving violations within that same year you will receive another three points off for a total of eight points off in a one years period of time. Many people are not aware of their driving records.

Keeping track by requesting an abstract of your license from time to time is absolutely necessary because computer mistakes are very common and you may have information on your record that your not aware of, you should contact the DMV directly about obtaining a copy of your abstract.


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