Employment Opportunities

Safety First Driving School is always looking for the "Right People" to join our team. For many years we have endeavored to provide the public with a quality of service that sets the standard for driving instruction. From our Office Staff, to our Defensive Driving Classroom instructors, to our Drunk Driver Program Coordinators, to our District Managers and to our Driving Instructors every individual is carefully chosen, meticulously trained, and they are all part of the reason Safety First Driving School has become one of the most successful driving schools in this state.

We are a growth company and our success and longevity depends on that growth. We are always looking to expand into new regions and new areas of instruction. The potential for individual growth is only as limited as the individual. Someone entering on the ground floor over time could find themselves in a management position and running their own district, to the ultimate endeavor, opening a Safety First Driving School franchise. Many people are extremely content with the pure joy of teaching. The experience of teaching someone to drive is really unparalleled. The change it has on a students life is incredible. Sure everyone eventually learns to drive but when you take an adult for example who has never driven, prepare them for their written exam, train them in behind the wheel and then take them for their driving test and see their expression when they pass their test, that is priceless. Our instructors get hundreds of letters every year praising and thanking them. The stories of how getting a license has changed their lives; they got a better job, they were able to move because they could now drive and didn't have to take the bus, they moved away from their parents house, they stopped being a burden to their children these are just a few examples. When was the last time someone praised you for your work or gave you a card, present, tip, hug or just a simple thank you that you know they really meant. This does not stop with just our customers. Our office staff and management truly knows how to treat employees its very simple "Like People".

We offer a great starting salary, medical and dental insurance, a 401-K retirement plan and the endless opportunity for advancement based on performance. This is not your typical dead end job. We are really more like a large family each doing their part to help make the family grow. Each year we have employee evaluations, scheduled meetings to discuss policy and growth, annual holiday parties and bonuses based on attitude and performance. We offer a wide variety of positions and are always taking applications for the "Right People". Our staff is diverse, age, race, and religion, have no be aring on a prospective employee's application. Everyone at Safety First Driving School strongly agrees there is no place in this world for prejudice. If this is the type of place you wished you worked at, if you can give a 110% everyday, if you can show up on time everyday without fail knowing someone is relying on you, if you take pride in everything you do, if you have the desire to help people, or have the burning desire to make a mark in this world then call our offices and find out how to become part of the Safety First Driving School Team.


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