Driving Test

Try our sample driving test below for practice. Students are able to use our full practice test to track their progress, and more questions for test preperation.

1. Before turning, you must signal at least?

2. If your license is lost or stolen, to whom should you report this information immediatly?

3. When it is legal to turn on red you must?

4. Unless otherwise posted the speed limit in a school zone is?

5. When driving in fog, what lights would you need?

6. A flashing red light means?

7. High beams are for?

8. Hydroplaning means

9. The definition of a blind spot is:

10. If you are involved in a personal injory accident that requires you to report it to the Division of Motor Vehicles, you must:

11. If you have a provisional license you are not allowed to use which of the following?

12. NJ Law allows up to 3 points to be deducted from your driving record if you have no traffic violations

13. How can you avoid carbon monoxide poisoning?

14. The first offense penalty for driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs is:

15. To make a right turn, you should

16. A railroad crossing sign is:

17. What color line markings are found on a one-way street?

18. How can you tell the direction of a skid?

19. When nearing a yellow light you should?

20. Dates for studded tires in New Jersey?


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