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Parent Orientation Lessons

Safety First is committed to our students and their family beyond their six hour program. We recognize that when you and your son/daughter take to the road for the first time that they are not necessarily the most nervous person in the car. When your child picks up on your nervous state it only increases their own. Next thing you know you are raising your voice and they are panicking even more, and this cycle ends badly for all. We have found that spending a little bit of time with your child and the instructor together goes a long way toward easing everyone's anxiety. The instructor will walk you through basics and controls and give you advice on how to guide your child while on the road. You will be surprised how many situations can be avoided or made easier by simply choosing different words to communicate. After all, we spend our days guiding students on the road and you will never see any of our instructors panic stricken. So go ahead and ease your mind and contact us to set up a parent orientation lesson following your child's six hour program.


Safety First Driving School (1-800-237-1095)
3186 State Highway 27, Kendall Park, NJ 08824