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Driver Evaluations

Is someone new going to be driving your car? Do you have a Nanny, Opar, or house staff that has just come into the country? What about a new employee who will be issued a company car? Does an elderly relative make you nervous every time you see them drive? Have them checked out before anything horrible happens.

Our Driver Evaluations are exactly what you need. Usually done with two separate two hour sessions, either two days in a row or two sessions in the same week depending on your time constraints. The instructor will put them in different traffic situations to see how they react, help them assimilate to driving on the right side of the road and assess their strong and weak points. At the end of the sessions you will receive our evaluation form and speak with the instructor. At this point they will tell you everything is all right and give you issues to address, or let you know that they are just not ready and require further instruction. Many people insist they "drive fine, they have been driving for years, there's no need to worry about me". More than 50% of our evaluations require additional instruction when they thought they were "a good driver".

Driving in NJ is completely different than any place else in the world so while the students intentions are good they really don't know what they are in for until they start driving here in NJ. Trust a professional to give you the facts. Why take a chance on wrecking a car or worse yet putting your loved ones in a car with someone who is unsafe. Get them checked out at Safety First.


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