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Advanced Highway and City Lessons

So you have been driving for a while maybe years but you still don't feel comfortable on the highways or in city traffic. You won't go visit your aunt in the city, you won't go to a store because it's off a major highway, the thought of driving three states away is completely out of the question. Each is a completely different type of situation. A wrong move at 55 or 65 mph could be deadly. A justifiable cause for concern. City congestion, slow moving traffic, people "pushing" there way in front of you could unnerve even the most experienced driver.

There is only one cure for either City or Highway driving. Knowledge and Experience. Our instructors will put right in your mind what is the proper thing to do in both city and highway situations. Eliminating the guess work and knowing who is right will do wonders to gaining confidence. Experiencing all different traffic situation with someone next to you who is calm and patient and is explaining what to do not yelling at you will allow you to drive through situations that normally make you freeze up. Knowing that if you do make a mistake the instructor can take over with the dual controls and save you is the most reassuring feeling you can get while driving. Most people when they learn to drive only learn the basics or what is necessary to past their driving test. Not many people take the time to learn all aspects of driving.

In other countries throughout the world driver education courses are a minimum of 30 hours of classroom not just for the kids for everyone who gets a permit and 20 hours of actual behind the wheel along with basic vehicle maintenance courses. It is scary to think the United States is so far behind on driver education or too pretentious to think that they know it all. Everyone can benefit from advanced courses, even our instructors continue to take more and more advanced courses. It's your life, live it with no limitations or fear. Most of all, live it knowing you are doing the right thing. Call us about removing all boundaries when driving.


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