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Road Test Review

You've got your permit. You've made your road test appointment and waited the appropriate amount of time to qualify for your road test. The day is coming fast and you realize you may not be ready. Not to worry if your basic driving skills are good then our Road Test Review is exactly what you need.

Even students who are extremely experienced benefit from our Road Test Review. In approximately an hour's time we will go over all the little specific details that will be on your drivers test and also include a review of parallel parking and k-turns. It is important to note that a road test review is done on the same day as the test just prior to the road test and that this is not a teaching lesson but simply a review material already taught in previous lessons.

Students who take a review and road test service have a definite advantage because all the test material is fresh in their minds and our experienced staff is very familiar with the expectations of each examiner at DMV. This combined has resulted in 90% of our students passing the first time. Don't take the chance of failing and having to wait months to take your test a second time. Sign up for the review and road test and get it right the first time!


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