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Drunk Driving Programs

Drunk driving is still one of the nations biggest killers. Thousands of people each year are involved in some way by a drunk driving related incident. Raising awareness about the dangers of drunk driving and educating today's youths is the only way we can begin to win the war against drunk driving. Each day someone somewhere gets into a car consciously aware that they have been drinking but feel that their "OK" to drive. The fact that their coordination and reaction times have been severely impaired are completely oblivious to them. These are not criminals or alcoholics they are ordinary everyday people, they could be a work colleague, friend from school, even a neighbor. Why is it that they are consciously driving drunk? They simply are not aware of their impairment and do not choose to recognize that they should not be driving. How many times have you heard someone say I should be fine, I'll be able to make it home, its not far I'll be home in five minutes, fa-getta-bout-it your not gonna drive my car home, I can drive fine as he goes stumbling out of the frat party.

Safety First School incorporates an anti-drunk driving stance into every aspect of all our driver education courses offered. Our behind the wheel programs give us the opportunity to express the dangers of drunk driving in a one on one environment. "Pretty nervous first time driving huh? Imagine if you have been drinking how different this would be." A students response is usually "I can't believe people do this drunk I could never." Our Defensive Driving Classroom Courses give us the opportunity to go into detail not only the dangers of drunk driving but the penalties and long term affects of being involved in a drunk driving incident. For example: did you know that if a child on a permit were to drive his or her parents home from a restaurant and the parents had been drinking, the parent who was in the passenger seat could be charged with drunk driving. To make matters even worse the child who did not have anything to drink could also be charged with drunk driving. This is because even with a permit the driver of the car is still ultimately responsible. The driver made a conscious decision to drive knowing that the parents were drinking. Knowing the parents are supposed to be there to help make decisions and that they were drinking and their decisions were impaired. The decision to drive is no better then the driver themselves drinking and driving. This is just one example of the type of information just not taught anywhere. This unfortunately is a true story from a former student. They were both arrested handcuffed and charged with Drunk Driving their car was towed and the mother and daughter who were in the back seat were left at the restaurant. The student lost his license for one year and his father lost his license for six months. To some this may seem extreme but people just don't realize Alcohol and Driving do not mix!

Safety First Driving School is currently developing an interactive Drunk Driving Course which will be coming to your area soon. Check out our web site for any new updates. Contact us to have us arrange a program for your group, organization or school.


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